Marathon Weekend…what happened???

Hi!  Wow so apparently I signed up for my first marathon and I had planned to write about it!  Right???  Well life happened as always and I posted no updates on this blog.  But if you follow me on Instagram…yes I have trained for 18+ weeks!

I pretty much followed my marathon plan given to me by Life Time Run!  Each week I ran most of my training runs with my run group!   I have to say they are the best frunners ever!   And I have no idea how I would’ve gotten through training without them!!

I tweeked my plan a bit and mixed in some races here and there.  Some I paced and some I “raced”.  My fave race….

…which is a whole other story! 🙂

So the very big weekend is here!!!   Yay! Scary!  OMG!  Marathon weekend!  Less than 24 hours until I run my first marathon!!  I cannot believe it’s here!  Am I ready?  I have no idea!!  Honest truth…I am running on an injured ankle. Yup that’s right!  I sprained my ankle last weekend!!  That is so like me!!  Hello I forgot the put myself in a bubble!!!

I stayed off it the whole week and paid a visit to an Airrosti  doctor for treatment. It’s been taped up, I’ve iced and left my Pro Compression socks on majority of the time.
But guess what!  It’s go time!  I’ve trained for this in the blazing Texas heat, rain and cold….and I will cross that finish line one way or another!  It’s one of my goals to cross off my bucket list before the big 4-0!

And currently, I am Houston bound!!!  Literally!

Chevron Houston Marathon….as scared as I am…I look forward to becoming a “Marathoner”.


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